About Kforce Global Solutions

Kforce Global Solutions specializes in providing outsourcing solutions to companies in a wide range of industries. Our high quality solutions increase efficiencies, streamline processes and target strategic business objectives, while at the same time reducing the costs associated with developing and maintaining systems and support.

At Kforce Global Solutions, our outsourcing experience spans more than a decade and includes proven expertise in areas such as application development and maintenance, production systems support, quality assurance testing, software infrastructure upgrades, web development, staff augmentation and business process management – all offered at a substantial savings from our clients' traditional internal resources

Our expertise and national/international access to human capital enable us to perform as an integrated team, providing our clients with seamless delivery of timely, high quality services and operational enablers such as:

  • Integrated project management
  • Cost competitive solutions
  • Space and facility savings
  • 24x7 productivity and support (“Follow the Sun” operations model)
  • Worldwide support from a single global team
  • Proven technical teams with complementary skills
  • Freedom for existing client staff to pursue strategic initiatives
  • Extension/expansion of IT capability with minimal management/facility overhead
  • Flexibility to respond quickly to new platform/development initiatives




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