Benefits of Outsourcing

Improve time to market on new business initiatives by freeing up key IT resources

  •   Provide capacity to redeploy knowledgeable IT resources to strategic business applications and critical
      business initiatives
  •   Improve business productivity and relationships 
  •   Keep pace with business change; add more business functionality to existing applications
  •   Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Improve quality and reliability of mission critical business applications

  •   Provide higher quality application support teams to complement internal skills
  •   Provide access to industry-leading project management and application management resources
  •   Implement more effective software quality management and release processes
  •   Develop service level agreements that drive improved quality, reliability and risk management
  •   Improve focus on the maintenance function with a fully dedicated team

Reduce total cost of ownership of customer applications

  •   Provide ability to reduce application management costs by up to 20% over a three year period through 
    improved efficiencies
  •   Provide access to further cost reductions, up to 40%, via less costly offshore resources
  •   Increase predictability of IT through fixed price contracts
  •   Mitigate downside risk of costly IT failures through risk sharing contracts and service level commitments

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